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Your pension remains secure

A message from Derek W. Dobson, Chief Executive Officer and Plan Manager – March 26, 2020

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our lives and investment markets, you can rest assured your benefit is secure and pensions will be paid on time. The lifetime pension you have earned is not affected by investment market fluctuations. Read more

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On average, contributions to DBplus go twice as far in delivering retirement income than group RRSPs or defined contribution (DC) plans. This is due to CAAT’s expertise, scale, and profit-for-members trust structure.

Plus, valuable features such as inflation protection, survivor benefits, and early retirement options are built into DBplus.

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Employees enjoy the security of retirement income paid monthly for life.

Together, employers and employees benefit from the stability, sustainability and efficiency of an independent, professionally managed pension plan that’s governed by members and employers.

The CAAT Pension Plan stands 118% funded on a going-concern basis.

Read more about Plan funding.

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Employer costs are limited to their contributions, at the rate they select between 5% and 9% of employee earnings. There is no balance sheet risk or contribution volatility.

Employees have the assurance of knowing their pension will be there for them in retirement, with a plan that isn’t reliant on the health of any one employer.

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Employers benefit from the simplicity of minimal administration and cost predictability, similar to a DC plan or group RRSP, but with the unparalleled benefits of a defined benefit (DB) plan for employees.

Liability risk, investments, regulatory compliance, administration, governance and member communication are all managed by the dedicated experts at CAAT.

Employees are spared the complexity and stress of making investment decisions about their retirement savings both before and in retirement.

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A new defined benefit pension plan from one of Canada’s pension leaders

DBplus meets the needs of employees, employers, and unions

CAAT’s CEO explains why DBplus meets the needs of employees, employers, and unions

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