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About CAAT

Delivering secure DB pensions for more than 50 years

First established to serve the colleges sector in Ontario, the CAAT Pension Plan is now open to organizations of all sizes in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors across Canada.

World-renowned governance model

Independent – CAAT exists to pay pensions

Joint governance by members and employers keeps focus on benefit security, equity

Scale enables expertise in managing risk, including aligning investments with long-term promise to pay pensions

Profit-for-members trust structure brings efficiencies

Managed for sustainability

118% Funded
on a going-concern basis

$13 billion in assets

$2.9 billion in reserves

9.9% 10-year net investment return, annualized

Formal Funding Policy designed to manage risk to keep Plan sustainable and benefits secure over the long-term, while also focusing on equity among member groups

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Proven expertise

Leaders in mergers of single-employer pension plans with a jointly sponsored pension plan
  • First in Ontario
  • Largest asset transfer from a private sector plan to a jointly sponsored pension plan
  • Overwhelming member support (needed for regulatory approval)
  • 20 mergers completed or in progress


  • Innovation in plan design for DBplus
  • Industry leadership
  • Member communication
  • Top employer

CAAT's Thought Leadership

Here you’ll find a collection of articles, presentations, and research reports penned by one CAAT’s industry experts.

Modern DB pension plans such as CAAT are good for Canada

Retirees with adequate income help maintain a healthy tax base and are less reliant on health care and financial support programs. Assured by the security of lifetime income they also spend their pensions, supporting local economies.

No taxpayer backstop through guarantee funds.

Investment funds with long-term focus are source of patient investment capital.

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