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Investment management

The CAAT Pension Plan’s investment program is designed to generate sufficient long-term returns to keep pension benefits secure with a level of risk that is appropriate for the Plan and its strategic objectives

CAAT’s team of investment professionals implements investment policies established by the Board of Trustees. The team recommends to the board an asset mix based on Asset-Liability Modelling studies that test the future potential outcomes of various asset mixes on the Plan’s funded status and a range of economic and demographic scenarios.

The Plan’s investment strategy is implemented through a mix of external investment manager relationships as well as private market fund investments and co-investments (direct investments in private companies alongside a lead investor).

Read about the Plan’s investment strategy.

“Our team of investment professionals selects investment management firms, funds, and co-investments that meet our criteria and quality standards, and we monitor their performance against targets for both returns and risk.”

Julie Cays, Chief Investment Officer

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