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Our investment team

Our investment team combines internal expertise and oversight with a selection of external managers to deliver long-term performance and value.

The team oversees the fund’s investment strategy as approved by the Board of Trustees, as well as the activities of approximately 50 high-quality investment and fund managers that employ a diversified mix of investment approaches within a wide array of asset classes. The result is a well-diversified portfolio of public and private market investments that reduces risk and is expected to meet the Plan’s long-term required rate of return, to fulfill its benefit obligations to members.

The CAAT Pension Plan takes very seriously its fiduciary responsibility to the over 55,000 (and growing) Plan members who we work for.

Julie Cays
Chief Investment Officer

Kevin Fahey
Managing Director, Investments

Asif Haque

Asif Haque
Managing Director, Investments

Hager Osman
Director, Investments

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