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How to join

Joining the CAAT Pension Plan

The steps to join CAAT depend on your organization’s current retirement savings plan, if any.

What’s constant for all situations is the support you will receive from CAAT’s pension experts. We’ll equip you with decision-making information and guide you and your team through our proven processes, including helping you to introduce and explain the Plan to employees.

If pension coverage is part of collective bargaining, we’ll work with all stakeholders to ensure they have complete information. We are pleased to work with advisors too.

Select the situation that applies to you to learn more.

Who can join?

DBplus by the CAAT Pension Plan is open to organizations of all sizes from all sectors – including private, public and not-for-profit – that operate in Canada.

Estimate a DBplus Pension

Get a quick and easy estimate of how much lifetime retirement income members will get from contributions to DBplus.

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Interested in bringing DBplus to your workplace?