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What employees get

DBplus members enjoy the certainty of predictable and secure lifetime pension payments, plus other valuable retirement features.


With DBplus, members get more value for their contribution dollars. On average, contributions to DBplus deliver twice as much retirement income as group RRSPs or defined contribution (DC) plans, due to CAAT’s profit-for-members trust structure, expertise, and efficiencies of scale.

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What Canadians want

DBplus offers what Canadians want in a retirement savings plan:

Joint governance

Joint governance by members and employers keeps the Plan sustainable for long-term benefit security.

Portability that builds bigger pensions
Taking your pension with you throughout your career helps build a bigger pension. Read more

Increase your pension with a transfer or purchase

Estimate a DBplus Pension

Get a quick and easy estimate of how much lifetime retirement income members will get from contributions to DBplus.

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