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More value, no risk

Members of DBplus get more value for their contribution dollars. On average, contributions to DBplus deliver twice as much retirement income as group RRSPs or defined contribution (DC) plans, due to CAAT’s expertise in managing defined benefit pensions and efficiencies from a profit-for-members trust structure. And, DBplus members are spared from making investment decisions about their retirement savings and taking on the related risk.

Members of DBplus earn a guaranteed lifetime pension, equal to the total contributions made (both member and employer contributions) multiplied by an Annual Pension Factor of 8.5% each year they contribute.

The DBplus pension formula has two parts:

The guaranteed annual base pension of 8.5% X total contributions (member and employer)


Annual wage enhancements to the earned pension while working, conditional on the Plan’s financial health, to keep the value of your pension in line with wage inflation.

image of the DBplus pension formula

Inflation protection enhancements

Plus, once being paid in retirement, a DBplus pension receives inflation protection enhancements, conditional on CAAT’s funded status.

The chart below provides an example of a member who begins contributing and earning their pension at age 40, and continues through to age 65, with pension payments starting at a retirement age of 65, with the member living until age 90 and survived by a spouse.

graph image DBplus pension chart

Estimate a DBplus Pension

Get a quick and easy estimate of how much lifetime retirement income members will get from contributions to DBplus.

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