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What employers get

With DBplus, employers can offer a valuable DB pension plan at a fixed contribution rate.

Be freed of the risks, costs, and administrative effort of operating your own pension plan.


Value for contributions
On average, contributions to DBplus go twice as far in delivering retirement income as group RRSPs or defined contribution plans, due to CAAT’s expertise, scale, and profit-for-members trust structure.

Valuable employee benefit
Secure lifetime income in retirement and other defined benefit pension features are highly valued by employees – serving as a strong attraction and retention tool.

Lower stress for employees
Members with secure defined benefit pensions don’t need to worry about how much pension they’ll have or investment decisions.

No balance sheet risk

CAAT manages the liabilities. No pension accounting; employers only need to record employer contributions on financial statements. CAAT provides guidance for notes to financial statements.

No Pension Benefit Guaranteed Fund premiums.

Contributions cover all costs.

Employers are free to focus on their core business
Avoid the expense of operating your own pension plan.

More on the reasons to join

Pension cost certainty

Contribution rates of between 5% and 9% are set by the employer.

Benefit from CAAT’s efficiency
The CAAT Pension Plan is a world-renowned model for the efficient delivery of secure pension benefits.

Read The Value of a Good Pension.

Contribution rates

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