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CAAT Pension Plan Members from Community Living Toronto

Merger Update

The merger of the prior Community Living Toronto (CL Toronto) pension plan with the CAAT Pension Plan is regulated by legislation and is a two-step process.

The first step is complete

On September 30, 2019, an overwhelming 93% of CL Toronto pension plan members voted in favour of merging with the CAAT Pension Plan. Employees from CL Toronto joined the CAAT Pension Plan effective October 1, 2019.

The second step is in progress

The Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (“FSRA”) must approve the transfer of pension plan assets and liabilities. The CAAT Pension Plan filed an application with FSRA on December 19, 2019. Once the application is approved by FSRA, CL Toronto plan members will be notified that their past pension benefits will be transferred to and replicated in the CAAT Pension Plan.

What is my DBplus contribution rate?

DBplus contributions are based on employment earnings and are matched dollar for dollar by Community Living Toronto.

Effective date Employee contributions (Plan Part A) Employee contributions (Plan Part B and eligible employees joining DBplus on/after the effective date)
October 1, 2019 9.0% 6.75%

Who do I contact if I have questions about my pension benefits or need to change my personal information?

Community Living Toronto member services at the CAAT Pension Plan
Toll Free: 1.877.477.3528
E-mail address:

Details about your new CAAT pension

If you have prior pension benefits from Community Living Toronto, your total annual pension will be the sum of two parts:

CL Toronto pension + DBplus pension = Total annual pension payable from the CAAT Pension Plan

  • Your CL Toronto pension is the pension you have earned up to September 30, 2019, which will be replicated and payable from the CAAT Pension Plan, once assets are transferred.
  • Your DBplus pension is the pension you are earning under the DBplus plan design as of October 1, 2019.

Inflation protection

Inflation protection increases are made when the CAAT Pension Plan is over 100% funded. This is called conditional inflation protection. Such annual increases are 75% of the annual percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and capped at 8% with a carry forward provision (i.e., in years when inflation is high, any amount above 8% would be carried forward and applied to inflation protection in the following years). Increases are effective on January 1st of each year.

Any benefit earned under the CL Toronto plan will receive conditional inflation protection beginning January 1, 2021.

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Questions? Contact Us

The CAAT Plan's member services team are available to answer any questions you may have.