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Get an estimate

It’s easy to get an estimate of your lifetime pension from the CAAT Pension Plan.

With just a few pieces of information you can estimate your future retirement income from DBplus. Model different retirement scenarios, or see how much larger your pension could be with a purchase.


Terms of use

The results from the DBplus Estimator should not be considered a guarantee of pension entitlements or financial advice.

  • The data you enter into the DBplus Estimator is not saved or sent to the CAAT Pension Plan or your employer. You may print the result page for future reference but please note that the estimates provided are subject to change at any time.
  • The DBplus Estimator does not automatically correct errors that result from inputting incorrect data or otherwise validate the information that you enter.
  • Benefits accrued and payable under a registered pension plan are capped based on the applicable Income Tax Act (Canada) limits. The estimator does not take these limits into account or show the amount of benefits you could receive net of applicable taxes.
  • Use of the DBplus Estimator does not imply entitlement to a pension under the CAAT Pension Plan.
  • Use of the DBplus Estimator to estimate additional pension purchases does not imply any entitlement to a purchase under DBplus. If you were to make an actual purchase, please note that the amount that may be contributed is the lesser of 18% of applicable earnings (T4 earnings in respect of the period of time eligible for purchase under the applicable CAAT Pension Plan terms) and the amount available to transfer from a qualifying registered savings arrangement (such as an RRSP or a LIRA), as required by applicable pension legislation. These limits would be impacted by your ongoing participation in DBplus. The tool does not validate that the funds you input for the purposes of the purchase estimate are eligible for purchase or take applicable Income Tax Act (Canada) limitations into account.
  • The estimates provided to you are strictly for illustrative purposes and we reserve the right to correct errors at any time. The estimates are based in part on future assumptions (e.g. future earnings) and do not provide a guarantee of your pension entitlements in the future, which may change based on actual experience or changes to the data if incorrect.
  • You can learn more about the assumptions and some of the terms used on this site in the “Help” files.

To accept the Terms of Use, check the button on the right and click “Start”.