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How do employers benefit?

DBplus by the CAAT Plan combines the cost certainty of a DC arrangement with the advantages of the lifetime pensions and survivor benefits from a traditional DB plan. DBplus offers the advantages of both, without the downside risks of either model. DBplus is simple, secure, stable and sustainable. 

How employers benefit

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Reduced costs, risks, and effort compared to offering other retirement programs.

Balanced scale

Contribution stability

Responsible for matching employee contributions only – there is no balance sheet risk or contribution volatility.

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Attraction and retention

DB pension features are highly valued by employees – powerful attraction and retention tool.

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Low cost

The CAAT Plan’s low operating costs mean more of the employer and employee contributions go to pay for benefits, not overhead.

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Workforce management

Valuable retirement benefits to support workforce changes — minimizes delayed retirement by employees unable to retire with confidence.

DBplus by the CAAT Plan addresses important concerns that I have had about workplace pension plans for a number of years. It combines the strengths of defined benefit and defined contribution plans while limiting their downsides. Its integration with and delivery by the existing CAAT Plan provides access to scale and expertise beyond the reach of most plans sponsored by individual employers.

Bob Baldwin, Principal Baldwin Consulting, Member of Advisory Group on Pension Papers, CD Howe Institute

How employees benefit

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A pension for life

Earn predictable secure DB pension benefits payable for life with valuable inflation protection.

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Reduces stress

Studies show employees are less stressed about retirement income and more engaged in their work when part of a sustainable DB plan.

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Less worry

No expensive financial planning and no complex investment decisions to worry about.

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Security of a fully funded, sustainable pension plan that isn’t reliant on the financial health of any one employer.

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Prior pension plan entitlements can be consolidated in CAAT making it easier to manage and possibly retire sooner.

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DBplus benefits us all

Retirees with adequate income will help maintain a healthy tax base and reduce their reliance on social programs – health care and financial support programs. Having a valuable pension option for existing and new employers will make Ontario a more attractive place to do business.

  • No taxpayer backstop
  • No risk to Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund
  • Efficient use of capital
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Try the DBplus Value Tool

This simple tool estimates the value of a pension in DBplus by the CAAT Pension Plan. With just a few pieces of information, get an estimate of future contributions in DBplus and immediately see how they result in a valuable lifetime retirement income.

Why join?

Recent research shows Canadians want, and are willing to contribute to achieve, secure, predictable, lifetime retirement income. Employees, unions, and employers are looking for better and more secure pension options that have the best features of DB pensions without the costs and risks of traditional single employer plans.

Many employers have stopped offering DB pension plans, passing on risks and fees to their employees (and by extension, government and taxpayers). This is less efficient and more stressful to the average Canadian worker.

These inefficiencies lead to substantially lower pensions per contribution dollar, which in turn increases demand for social programs, affects general health (before and after retirement), and creates slower economic activity in communities across Ontario.

Download the research paper (PDF)

Who can join?

We’re open and ready for growth in membership where it is mutually beneficial. We’re open to the broader public sector, not-for-profit sector, and private sector – within the province of Ontario and beyond.

What does DBplus cost?

Employers (and unions where they exist) establish a fixed contribution rate between 5% and 9% of pay. The higher the contribution level, the greater the benefits. There are no other costs or fees.

How is DBplus administered?

The Employer Manual helps employers that participate in the CAAT Pension Plan understand and carry out the roles and responsibilities associated with plan administration. Learn more about the Employer Manual.

Into a pension world often defined by incremental change, comes a monumental development. DBplus addresses employer objections to providing a DB pension plan while simultaneously offering employees tremendous value. The transparent link between contributions made and benefits paid, delivered by a dedicated, professional organization, is a win-win solution. Well done CAAT.

Blair Richards, CEO at Halifax Port ILA/HEA
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Interested in learning more?

If you represent an interested employer or member group and would like to speak to us, contact the CAAT Pension Plan directly.